If you are new to EMC test equipments and would like to purchase some of them for your laboratory, welcome! We are guiding businesses who would like to invest in EMC test equipments.

How to start?

Firstly, determine your product’s features. Because, EMC test standards and test equipments are based on the features of the products to be tested. Listing electrical features (voltage, current and power), mechanical features (dimensions and weight), I/O ports (power, data, signal…) and wireless features (Tx and Rx frequencies, if exist) of your products will help you to choose right EMC test equipments. If you have more than one product, choose the maximum values to see most complex product features. For instance if you have two different model of products with different currents, choose highest one.

Checking the Standards

Research and find applicable EMC test standards for your products. This depends on the regulation applied in your market, features of the products and field of use (house, hospital, underground…). For instance if your market is Europe and your product is a electrical medical device that will be used in hospitals, applicable EMC test standard is IEC/EN 60601-1-2. Before purchasing a EMC test equipment, purchase applicable and recent EMC test standards. Reviewing EMC test standard will make you comfortable to choose right EMC test instruments.

List Applicable EMC Tests

You have already listed your worst-case product’s features and checked the EMC standard. Now, you have to make a specific list showing applicable EMC tests for your worst-case product. Since EMC test standards cover all type of products under their scopes, your products might not need all EMC tests mentioned on the standard. Thus, listing applicable EMC tests will assist you to choose right EMC test instruments without exceeding your budget. When listing the tests, include technical parameters like frequency (MHz), AC/DC power (W), RF power (dBm), electric field (V/m), magnetic field (A/m).

Search EMC Test Equipments

Start searching appropriate EMC test instruments sold on the market. Specific list showing applicable EMC tests for your product will make this search easier since you already know the parameters of each applicable EMC test. Choose three EMC test instrument model which are similar to them and get quotes of them.

Choose one of them

Starting from first step to this final step, you have already great experience to choose right EMC test equipment for your laboratory. Depending on your budget, choose on the quotes and purchase relevant EMC test equipment(s). Delivery of EMC test equipments to your address may take some time between 4-8 weeks.

After receiving EMC test equipment to your address, check its manual and start using properly. Since EMC test equipments are sensitive instruments, you have to take care. Start EMC testing and enjoy it!

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