Anechoic Chamber is a test site used for various purposes. RF, EMC, Microwave and Acoustics measurements are the well known applications for anechoic chambers. It creates an isolated and reflection-free test space. Each application has its own requirements. The terms are similar for all. For instance, frequency range, dimensions, shielding effectiveness and reflectivity parameters are used for all type of anechoic chambers. The required values change depending on the application. Anechoic chambers for acoustics, require lower frequencies when compared to microwave applications.

As Testups Hungary (Ege Test European Kft.) we are offering anechoic chambers for the businesses, universities, research institutes, laboratories, manufacturers who would like to perform EMC, RF, Microwave or Acoustics measurements. When you specify your requirements, send them to us. We will offer you best configuration of anechoic chamber.

EMC Anechoic Test ChamberFront View

We are collaborating with experienced and trusted anechoic chamber manufacturers located in Europe, United Kingdom, United States, India and China. We are offering turn-key anechoic chamber solutions: design to validation. Engineers design the chamber you ask, offer you with a quote, arrange online and on-site meetings, start the installation as agreed on project plan and complete installation in promised time schedule. After finishing the anechoic chamber, validation measurement services are optional. You can either use our third party calibration laboratories or you can find a calibration laboratory during validation process.